Marcel Gothow - Director and Cinematographer



Dear still and motion picture lover:


My name is Marcel Gothow. I'm filmmaker and photographer based in Berlin,  Germany. As an autodidact I have so far gained a lot of knowledge about how to take stills and cinematic motion pictures. Right now I'm about to study my beloved interests at a university to achieve even more knowledge. My focus is on directing and cinematography.


As a child I was thrilled when my parents bought a film and photo camera to document my development. Later on in life my fascination started at the age of twelve when a friend and I began experimenting a lot with our first digital cameras that we owned. After my basic school education in 2005 I became a musician and travelled the world together with the pop/rock band Cinema Bizarre. During this time I've learned more about the connection between pictures and music. When the band broke up I went back to school for a higher degree level and decided to become a filmmaker. Ever since I have been starving for knowledge about how to tell cinematic stories in a visual and philosophical way.